gKompagny trades through gKompagny as the mother company, but also through two distinct company branding names.


CymbalONE logo

CymbalONE, established in 2014, began as an online cymbal showroom. Each cymbal available for purchase is accompanied by its own unique sales and demo video, allowing customers to compare and listen to each cymbal individually before making a selection. In addition to cymbals, CymbalONE offers a wide range of drum-related accessories and products.

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Drum Squad

Drum Squad logo

Drum Squad, established in 2005, stands as the original branding identity for our drum-related ventures. From the outset, we engaged in B2B sales to physical music stores, primarily within Denmark, by importing renowned brands like Anatolian Cymbals, Tune-Bot, No Nuts Percussion, Big Bang Distribution products, and lots of other brands, right from our inception.

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